Saturday, November 26, 2011

Globe Theater

The plays during Shakespeare's time were extremely different than today. It was interesting that the one specific group of actors would stay together for most of their career and the playwright would travel with them. Whereas today the director has most of the power and has the ability to choose which actors to cast. But, often times the writer will write scripts fit for specific actors. I found that Shakespeare's Globe Theater was fascinating in the presentations Tuesday. I did not understand why the public theaters were open and the private ones were closed. Does it cost more money to create a closed theater? Maybe I am just overthinking it. Nevertheless, it is all very interesting.


Shaina Lu said...

I'm not sure about the private versus public, but i definitely think it is interesting that plays were tailored to casts. I think part of the reason that today, pays are chosen before casts is because after decades of plays being written for casts, we now have tons of great classics!

ParkerC said...

It did cost more. Private was for the richers of that time. They where much nicer, and if you where rich, why would you want to go to a public theater with the peasants?

Mallory said...

It is interesting to see the differences from Shakespeare's time to modern times. Everyone hears those stories about crazy directors but the directors during Shakespeare's time seem much more lax and willing to create plays for the specific characters that are in the group instead of having to hunt down the perfect player.