Friday, April 1, 2011

7 Years War In India/ The Third Carnatic War

I found it extremely interesting that the 7 years war in India extended from Southern India into Bengal. The battle between the British East India Company and French East India Company were fought on land dominated by the Mughal Empire. British and French forces fought to win over major Indian territory, especially Calcutta. In 1761, the French-Indian capital fell to British forces. The Carnatic Wars lasted almost 20 years; the "third Carnatic war" coincided with the 7 years war in America, reigniting conflict between the French and British forces.


chrissy said...

The movie we watched today in class was very interesting. As we talked about afterward, although the British treated the Indians terribly, they did have a strong appreciation for the culture. I think it is remarkable that throughout the years of British rule, the Indians kept their own culture and did not loose their heritage. Their strong sense of culture was felt by the British as seen through their strong appreciation of the vibrant culture and the post-colonial literature written in praise of them.

Olivia Celata said...

I especially liked when two people were interviewed who, based on their ancestry, represented contrasting opinions on Britain involvement in India. The ones who disliked British rule and believed they were gaining too much power felt this way because they were against certain British laws that were forced upon them. Therefore, these people started to rebel and were involved in multiple riots. On the other hand, some believed that British rule was benefitting the economy, since they had so much power and brought wealth to the nation.