Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby Gregor

Hello Class,

Today, I was outside exploring nature when I stubbled upon a bug that very closely resembled Nabokov's intepretation of Gregor. I know my pictures are poorly excecuted (the bug was scuttling at super sonic speeds) and that it is difficult to visualize this bug in its entiretly, but trust me, it was basically a baby Gregor! Both Gregor and this bug have 6 legs, a very rounded body, large jaws, a swivleable head and are covered it dust and dirt. I hope that from these two pictures ya'll can visualize this clear resemblence and if anyone knows what type of bug this is, please let me know.


Chloe said...

Blaine, I think your photographs are almost identical to his descriptions of Gregor. The bug you stumbled upon definitely looks like some kind of beetle. However, I think Kafka wanted readers to be able to imagine the bug for themselves. Thus, in my mind, I often picture a cockroach/ border line a praying mantis. Cool shot Blaine!

Alan said...
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Steven said...

That's actually pretty much exactly what I imagined Gregor would look like, Blaine, obviously on a much smaller scale. The roundness of his body is indicated by his inability in the beginning of the novella to get out of bed, similar to a turtle. I really wonder what kind of bug this is. And where in the world did you find it?