Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scientology... magic?

In light of our in-class conversation about the relationship between magic, science, and religion, I thought I would post something about scientology. If anyone wants a humorous recap of scientology doctrine as factually retold by South Park, check out this video:

Using Frazer's defintions of magic, science, and religion, how much science and how much religion do you believe are involved in scientology? And furthermore, how much magic do you think is involved?


Chloe said...

Wikipedia says: "scientology teaches that people are immortal beings who have forgotten their true nature." Scientologists believe in a direct link between science and religion--that spirituality can be proven a good thing or bad thing based on data. I feel like scientology doesn't really focus as much as magic as it does on spiritality or religion.

Olivia Celata said...

I found that followers of Scientology believe in the thetan, or the real identity of a person. Thetans go through a process of rebirth called "assumption." Like the Hindu concept of reincarnation, Scientologists believe that what one does in present life will affect the next. Also on the more scientific side of it, with each rebirth, the effects of matter, energy, space, and time on the thetan become stronger. It is interesting to see how both religion and science can be incorporated into one idea of thought.

chrissy said...

No one can prove religions. Everyone has certain beliefs in the origin of the world and human nature--but the reason why there are so many hypotheses is no one can prove it. Science teaches us that we must form a hypothesis and then prove it. This shows how science is incorporated into religion and beliefs.
Personally, I feel magic is included in religion all the time. It's a magical thought to believe in something on faith--without proper support.