Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Although I really enjoyed the movie, I thought it was interesting how Mrs. Quinet pointed out some historical errors today. After some research, I found a few more discrepancies between the movie and history. Firstly, Elizabeth was arrested and sent to the Tower in 1554, but was then placed under house arrest as Woodstock (not Hatfield) for four years. Another mistake is that the Pope did not excommunicate Elizabeth and encourage assassination attempts by Catholics until 1570.


Olivia Celata said...

I know Mrs. Quinet also mentioned how Mary, Queen of Scots was actually tried and executed for treason, not killed while sleeping with Walsingham. However, I discovered that Walsingham was still possibly involved with her death. It is rumored that he devised a plot so during the trial Mary would never be able to view the evidence that would eventually convict her. This evidence happened to be letters stating Mary's attempt to assassinate Queen Elizabeth.

C-Sted said...

Actually I thought that the movie showed Walsingham sleeping with Mary of Guise. Indeed, that wasn't the manner of her death at all. However, I read that she wasn't executed either. Apparently, she died of dropsy, which is a sort of edema... I actually know very little about such a condition.