Monday, October 18, 2010

Rose Window

Over the summer, when I was in Paris, I took a tour of the Notre Dame. This is a picture of the rose window in the cathedral. Mrs. Quinet reminded me of this picture when we were learning about art in the Middle Ages.


Samantha said...

I found some more information about the history of rose windows and wanted to share it with you all. Firstly, I thought it was ironic to learn that another name for a rose window is a Catherine window. As we learned today, the rose window is a characteristic element of Gothic architecture. However, the term rose window was not actually used until the 17th century. An additional name for the rose window is a wheel window, as it resembles spokes radiating outward from a central point. The inspiration for such windows came from the Roman oculus, an example of which is The Pantheon that we studied a few weeks.

Katherine said...

haha that is ironic how they are aslo called Catherine windows. I think rose windows are a beautiful aspect of gothic architecture.